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What We Can and Can't Do

We are a tiny cat rescue in rural, central Iowa consisting of a small group of cat-loving, kind-hearted, and hard-working volunteers.  Our main goal is to get cats altered and put ourselves out of "business."  In order to do that, we offer a low-cost clinic that is available to anyone who is wants to get their cats altered.  Just visit our CLINIC page for additional information, including pricing, and use our online sign-up to get registered today.  Don't wait! 


We aim to help as many cats in our area as is possible, but for various reasons, we are just not able to help everyone who contacts us. Here's just a few of the reasons why:


  • TIME:  We have two part-time workers who care for the cats in the shelter because the rest of us work full-time jobs outside of rescue.  Our rescue work is after-hours and on weekends so if you get an email response from us at 11pm, that's why.

  • SPACE:  We have 7 cages in our intake/quarantine room.  They are full 95% of the time and the rest of the cages in our shelter are full 99.99999% of the time.  We are full.  We are exhausted. 

  • MONEY:  Our adoption fee doesn't even begin to cover the care we give to each cat.  We do not get our vet care for free.  We do not make any money from the low-cost clinic we host.  In fact, we lose money but refuse to raise prices.  Donations keep us alive - so far.  We have never requested a fee for owner surrenders but that will change as of September 1, 2022.  Our fee will now be $25 per cat and $25 per litter of kittens (3 months and younger).

  • HOMES:  There are only so many homes out there and some kitties take months, if not years, to find homes.  If we don't get adoptions, we don't get spots open for new kitties needing help.  If we don't have spots available, we can't help.  It's pretty simple.  

  • LOCATIONPLEASE NOTE!! EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 1, 2022!!  If you are NOT in Guthrie County, most likely the only help we can offer is the link for you to sign up for the low-cost clinic.  Currently, we aren't even able keep up with the requests in our own county.  If you have a cat issue, we ask that you please contact your local rescue or shelter.  Most have a waiting list.  If there is not one available, maybe it's time to take it to your local or county officials and ask why there is nothing to help pets in need?     

What can YOU do to help cats?  SPAY AND NEUTER.  

It's really that simple.  Spay/neuter any kitties hanging around your house or farm or roaming your neighborhood.  Not only will that stop the population but it will greatly improve the life of that homeless cat.  We have kept our clinic costs consistantly low to make the cost as affordable as possible for this reason.  Anyone can register for our low-cost clinic:  OPURRATION FIX-IT!

If You Must Rehome a Pet, PLAN EARLY.


Many shelters and rescues are full.  Many cannot or will not take owner surrenders.  Have a plan in place BEFORE it becomes necessary to find a new home for grandma's cats. 




If something should happen to you, who will take care of your pets?  MAKE A PLAN! 

Helpful Link:  Providing for Your Pet's Future Without You

Again, MAKE A PLAN. 

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND.  There are never enough homes or rescues for those pets being surrendered by their owners.  The long-term solution involves the spaying and neutering of all pets and owners understanding that a pet is a lifetime commitment.

It is NEVER acceptable to abandon a pet somewhere outside (such as beside the highway or on someone's doorstep), leave behind in a vacated house, list it as “free to good home,” give away to the first person willing to take the pet off your hands, or anything else that involves the strong possibility of a bad home or injury to the pet.  You must take responsibility for the safety and care of the animal you originally took into your home.


NEVER list a pet as

“free to a good home.”


Don't push your unaltered-pet

problem off on others. 


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