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About us

P.E.T.S. (Protecting Even the Strays) was created with the vision of humanely assisting the numerous stray and feral cats roaming the streets in Panora, Iowa.  P.E.T.S. has now grown to become a safe haven for many abused, orphaned, and abandoned cats and kittens in Guthrie County - Iowa..


P.E.T.S., located in Panora, Iowa, is a small, non-profit rescue organization consisting of volunteers.  We provide humane shelter and services for cats in need in our area.  We hold a shelter license with the State of Iowa and many of our cats inhabit our small shelter located in Panora's business district.  Passersby can peer into our front windows to see some of our available cats and kittens.


Through contributions from individuals and organizations, P.E.T.S. maintains its dedication to cats.  Without the generous support of the community and beyond, P.E.T.S. would not be able to assist the hundreds of cats and kittens that come into our care ever year. Through hard work and dedication, our volunteers were able to help 247 previously homeless cats find new homes in 2021.  

I got Charlie 8 months ago and today's my birthday and I wanna thank Panora P.E.T.S. for her. She's sooo loving and the best cat I could ask for. She gobbles all the food! LOL She's a chunk. LOL She acts like a normal cat even with one eye. She loves her siblings. She plays and purrs all the time. She adjusted so well into our little zoo of a family. She even loves the dog! LOL Thank you again for giving me a chance to love her. 

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