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Barn Cat Program

Ideal Residents for Barns, Stables, and Warehouses

Sometimes cats that come into our care are not suited for adoption, usually because they are feral or semi-feral.  We believe that all cats deserve a good home to live out their lives and so for these special cats, we need good barn homes.  All barn cats are healthy, altered cats and are suited for the outdoor environment with shelter. 


The barn cats have been sponsored by P.E.T.S.—sterilized, vaccinated (rabies and distemper), and microchipped.  There is no charge to the caretaker to adopt a barn cat (a donation is always appreciated), but the caretaker must sign a contract agreeing to certain responsibilities.  The caretaker must:


▪ not have dogs that kill cats,

▪ provide daily food and water,

▪ provide protection from the elements (a sheltered area like a barn or other warm, dry     building),

▪ provide temporary, confined shelter for at least 1-2 weeks,

▪ and provide long-term veterinary care (i.e., not allow an injured or sick cat to simply suffer).


New caretakers should be prepared for a brief period of adjustment. Moving to a new home is stressful for anyone, cats included, so ​guidance and help will be provided during the relocation process. After a short stay of 1-2 weeks in secure confinement (like a garage), the cats will accept their new home and be chasing mice out of your grain with enthusiasm.

Are you ready for some barnies?

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