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Foster Program

Fostering saves lives.

Volunteer time means a lot to our rescue organization and the kitties really appreciate the extra attention at the shelter.  We have two adoption centers where volunteers are needed to help with the kitties but we also need volunteers for special events, like adoption events and fundraisers, and other areas, too. If you are willing to volunteer, we are sure we can use your help.


Areas for volunteering:


▪ Foster (must complete a foster application)

▪ Shelter care volunteer:  cleaning litter pans, watering and feeding, brushing, mopping, etc.

▪ Trap feral cats for your community

▪ Manage a feral cat colony in your community

▪ Transport animals or food donations

▪ Photograph adoptable animals for profiles

▪ Make and/or repair pet beds and toys

▪ Spay clinic volunteer (prior experience preferred)

▪ Fundraising

▪ Adoption events

▪ Office work/filing

▪ Online media (Facebook, Petfinder, Instagram)

Does anything on the list interest you? 

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